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Pressure Gauge Parts, Components

High Quality Pressure Gauge Parts, Components, Made in China

Case / Body     Connector / joint / Socket / Connection     Lens / Window     Movement / Internal     Bourdon Tube     Accessories


We are proud of our technology on pressure gauges and stamping machines. We have about 20 years' experiences in manufacturing of pressure gauge components, we know its requirements and how it works.

We undertake that each piece of pressure gauge we sell to customer must be over pressured during production and fully inspected before delivery.

To make a high quality pressure gauge, the first requirements are high quality components. Case offer the straight impression of quality; movement and bourdon tube effect the durability and accuracy of the gauge.

Our experiences help us to take the opportunity to serve pressure gauge manufacturers at high level, we are supplying components which customers are looking for!!!

We are producing pressure gauge cases, movements, bourdon tube, connection, our stamping technology makes us excellent in accuracy size of cases and customers are satisfied with the nice polished surface.

Our cases include:
- SS304
- Mild black steel Case, (Metal Case)
- Brass
- Aluminium (Aluminum)
- ABS Case
- General and Oil filled
- Crimp Bezel and Bayonet Bezel
- Bottom Mound and Rear Mount
.Customer's Specifications
SS304 case for glycerin filled pressure gauge is our advantage, we use high quality materials, and cases are well molded to have easy assembly, strictly tested with other components to avoid oil leakage, and well polished to have a nice look.

Pressure Gauge Case, Gauges Cases
Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge Case/Body

Connections can be made out by cutting and molding.
Our connections include:
- SS316
- Brass
- PT
- 1/8", 1/4", 1/2"
- General and Oil filled
- 1 part and 2 parts
- Bottom Mound and Rear Mount
.Customer's Specifications
Pressure Gauges Connections
All stainless steel pressure gauge connection, Y-100, two-body, (2 parts) Full Stainless Steel Connection for Pressure Gauges, Integral
Eccentric, fission
Steel Connection, End Head Iron Connection, Cross Head  
Copper Connection for pressure Gauge, Eccentric Brass Connection, Brass Connect, Live Connection, Explosion-proof Active Connectors, Stainless package swing adapter Bronze Connection
2 body connection

Of course, the purpose of a pressure gauge is to indicate the pressure range. So a len with good transparency helps user to read the dial. We are doing the job.
- Acrylic
- Polycarbonate
- Common Glass
- Safety Glass
.Customer's Specifications
If you are manufacturing high accuracy and long life pressure gauges, you found the right place. Each movement is double inspected before delivery to guarantee low rejection rate.

Our movements include:
- SS304
- Brass
.Customer's Specifications

Ø20 pressure Gauge Movement

Ø60 pressure Gauge Movement

Ø20 Stainless Steel Movement

Ø40 pressure Gauge Movement

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pressure Gauge Internal

Ø50pressure Gauge Movement

Ø100 pressure Gauge Movement

Ø40 pressure Gauge Movement

bourdon tube:
To supply bourdon tube, we need your movement and drawing of the bourdon tube.
- SS316
- Bronze
- "C" type
- Coiled Type
.Customer's Specifications
Bourdon Tubes spiral bourdon automotive instruments Beryllium Copper Range Dial Sweep Burst Pressure	Accuracy Life Cycle Critical Pressure
CuZn 15
CuZn 37
Stainless Steel
CuBe 2

Standard Sizes
1 1/2" - 6" / 40 C 160 mm

All ranges from 0.6 bar up to 100 bar or 10 psi up to 1.500 psi

In case our wide range of standard Bourdon does not meet your requirements, Ningfeng offers the "customer made" tube, a Bourdon Tube manufactured exactly according to the customers technical specifications. Feel free to ask for details.
Product information:
CuSn 8
Stainless Steel
Chrome Moly
CuBe 2
NiSpan C

Standard Sizes
1 1/2" - 6" / 40 C 160 mm

All ranges from 60 bar up to 4000 bar / 1000 psi up to 60000 psi

In case our wide range of standard Coiled Tubes does not meet your requirements, Ningfeng offers the "Tailor made" tube, a Coiled Tube manufactured exactly according to the customers technical specifications. Feel free to ask for details.

We know customers are tired in sourcing everywhere, we are trying to save customers time by our full range quality components.
.Products include:
- Flange, Clamp, gas test body, water test hose, Rubber cover;
- Screws, Rivets;
- Gasket, O-ring, Filler plug;
- Pointer, Adjustable pointer, Bush, End cap, Link;
.Customer's Specifications

Completed Gauge:
To test our components, we have full set of pressure gauge manufacturing equipments, so we are also a professional manufacturer of pressure gauges..
- 1.0 ̄, 1.5 ̄, 2.5 ̄, 3.5 ̄, 4.0 ̄, 6.0 ̄;
- Other sizes customer required, developing charges required;
- 2.0% for general type pressure gauges;
- 1.6% for liquid filled pressure gauges;
.Pressure Range:
- Vacuum (e.g. -760mmHG~0), half vacuum (e.g. -760mmHG~0~30PSI);
- Common range, 0~15PSI´´0~15000PSI);
.Dial design:
- As per customers requirements or standard dial design;
- Customer¨s logo can be printed on the dial;
.Pressure Range Type:
Utility/General Liquid Filled Gas test Water Test
Double Pointer Oxygen Acetylene Ammonia
Freon Fire Extinguisher
.Customer's Specifications

1. Complete pressure gauges

We are supplying utility gauges, liquid filled gauges, and other gauges for Oxygen, Acetylene, Ammonia, Freon, gas test, water test, fire extinguisher, etc.

Size: 1.0", 1.5", 2.0", 2.5", 3.0", 3.5", 4.0", 6.0"

Thread: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 7/8"

Pressure: 30"Hg, 0-15psi...0-15000psi

Accuracy: 1.6% to 1.0%

2. Pressure gauge's components:

Full set of gauge's components, include various materials of movement, bourdon tube, coiled tube, case, connection, dial, pointer, and other accessories.

3. Pneumatic Components:

Air Regulator
Oil separator
Air Filter
Air Filtration Regulator
Auto Water Drainer
Air Filter Compact (Filter + Regulator + Oil Separator)

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